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Devyce about 1 month ago
fulltimelondonuk / remote (gb)
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Devyce is disrupting the telecoms sector with a redesigned business phone network. As Head of Operations at a seed stage startup, you will be involved in various aspects of the business, and will be expected to pitch in where you can!

Skills / Experience 🤹🏽

(Almost) nothing here is a hard requirement, clearly the more the better but we certainly don't expect you to have it all:

* 5 years of experience in operations management, preferably in a client-facing role

* Proven track record of managing client relationships and delivering exceptional service
* Strong knowledge of spreadsheets and experience managing complex formulas and building processes
* Experience in capacity planning and project management
* Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
* Experience with Linear/JIRA type tools
* Experience with analysing data
* Ability to work remotely and manage teams without in-person interaction
* Strong leadership skills and ability to provide guidance and support to a team
* Ability to think strategically in complex and difficult situations
* Strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritise tasks
* Be open and flexible on schedules
* Confident and understandable spoken English.

Job Role 📋

* As the first “Ops” hire you will initially be handling all of the day to day aspects of an operations team - and as the company grows you will hire a team underneath you

* You’ll need to very quickly ramp up on our products and all things VoIP
* You will be providing second line support to our largest customers on a dedicated phone line - this may involve* Investigating call quality issues by looking at logs in Twilio
* Troubleshooting and attempting to reproduce issues across our iOS/android/softphone apps and work with the engineering team to proritise fixes
* Explaining new features
* Managing client expectations
* You’ll spend some time dealing with chargeback, refund and fraud issues
* We don’t currently have a Product Manager - so you’ll be doing this as part of your role, which will involve* Collecting feedback from our customers, feeding back to engineering and helping to plan and prioritise engineering work
* Informing both customers and internal stakeholders when new features/bug fixes are expected
* Helping to manage the release process for our iOS and Android apps
* Writing release notes for new features to help educate our clients and sales team
* Creating tickets and managing the lifecycle of customer facing features
* Use our product analytics platform to help understand feature adoption as well as pro-actively identify new areas of work to drive revenue or increase customer satisfaction
* You’ll need to be creative and proactive in implementing solutions to critical issues
* As the company grows, you will hire and onboard new team members and support in onboarding new team members into adjacent roles
* You’ll generally identify and implement improvement in any areas to help drive operational efficiency, as well as identify areas of process improvement and efficiency and scope new processes when needed
* As the company grows there may be scope to move more into a Product Manager role instead of the Ops/Customer Success role.
* We have sane, flexible working hours - even though we’re a fast growing startup we know it’s a marathon and not a sprint

Bugs 🐛

Perhaps these are red flags (and we'd all like to find that out sooner rather than later), but hopefully they're a list of things you're up for working on together.

* We’re a small startup and we currently have more customers asking for features than we have engineering resources for - so you’ll need to have great intuition on must-have features all our customers are clamouring for, and which are just “nice to have” that we can ship later

* We don’t have an awful lot of process - so you’ll need to identify areas we can improve, come with solutions, get buy in from the team and implement
* There are quite a few processes that aren’t written down - things like how we add numbers from different countries and how much it costs per minute that we’d like to make more “self serve”
* There’s not an easy way for our sales team to see which features are available on which platform, so you’ll be answering product questions from the sales team - and help us build processes so they can find the information out themselves easily
* You’ll be a team of one to start with - and there’s no set timeline for when the team will expand, so there will be some grunt work and hectic periods as we grow

Devyce 📱

Our team is currently a back-end focused CTO + principal developer, with a junior front-end developer who also helps with product management. We also have an iOS and Android developer.

We are based in London with a small office near Fenchurch Street. However our dev team happens to be entirely remote across Europe and Central Asia. If you'd prefer to be in the office we'll get you set up - the sales team are there Tues - Thurs. You’ll probably need to go there from time to time (more than once a month) and so being UK based is going to be a significant advantage.

Our one hard requirement 🛑

Enthusiasm for our product and willingness to understand it, pitch in, suggest changes and improvements, and spot issues before they become problems.