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Pulley about 2 months ago
fulltimeremote / remote (ca; us)
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Pulley's mission is to make it easier for anyone to start a company. We believe that more startups should exist and that founder-led companies are more successful in the long term. With Pulley’s cap table management tools, companies can better understand and optimize their equity for the long term. Starting a company is hard enough. Managing equity shouldn’t be. 

We’re a high-performing team looking for passionate, execution-focused, self-starters to help us build equity management tools for founders. Pulley is growing quickly with over 3000 customers including unicorns like Clubhouse, Birdies, and Coda - all within our first year of product launch. Our trajectory is fueled by top investors like Founder's Fund, Stripe, General Catalyst, Caffeinated Capital, 8vc, Elad Gil, among other great angels. All of our growth has been organic, and we’re growing the team to meet the demand.

🛠 Responsibilities

* Train and mentor customer support representatives and ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively.

* Implement customer service processes to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
* Handle complex customer complaints or inquiries that require escalation.
* Prepare and analyze reports on team performance, customer satisfaction, and common customer inquiries or issues.
* Work closely with other departments (e.g., Product, Sales, Marketing) to ensure customer feedback is communicated and used to improve products and services.
* Evaluate and implement customer support tools and technology to improve efficiency and customer experience.
* Monitor and evaluate the quality of responses and support provided by the customer support team.

🙌 Qualifications

* 5+ years of working in customer support, with at least 2 years in a leadership or supervisory role

* Proven track record of managing and leading a customer support team.
* Experience in a SaaS or tech-related industry is highly desirable.
* Familiarity with customer support software, databases, and tools (e.g., Zendesk, Salesforce, LiveChat).

💚 Benefits

We are a remote-first team with an office in San Francisco. We do an team offsite to meet in person.

US-Based Benefits:

* Health insurance

* Unlimited PTO
* 401(k) Match

Our Culture

TL&DR - Pulley is a unique fit, tailored for those who align with our values and culture. Discover the engaging culture of Pulley. We are looking for people who are excited about building a great company, not just working in a high-growth startup. In addition to function-specific skills, here are some traits that enable our team members to thrive:

* First Principles Thinking. We believe in breaking down problems into their most basic parts. We don’t reject ideas because they haven’t worked before. We understand “why did certain things work?” and apply it to our situation.

* Ship It & Iterate. Shipping is the starting line for learning. Ship something, talk to users, get feedback, and iterate. We focus on the inputs, on what we can control, not the outcomes. We take our best bets, and don’t fixate on the finish line.
* Boldly Honest & Aggressively Considerate. Being boldly honest means we push one another to act from first principles, set and hit goals, and ruthlessly prioritize. Being aggressively considerate means we care about each other as humans to win as a team. We speak up and embrace feedback.
* Default Yes. We believe that something is possible unless proven otherwise. Hard problems are often solved by people who didn’t know it was impossible.

We’re also inspired by the culture work done at other companies and plan to develop our own playbook here too. One of the concepts that resonate most with us is the importance of stunning colleagues. If you like the sound of our environment and you’re passionate about joining a team like the one we’ve described, we'd love to talk!

Annual Salary Range: $110k - $180k USD