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Stable 2 months ago
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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Role

As a Customer Support Specialist, you will help to champion customer delight. Providing an amazing customer experience is one of our core strategies for growth and differentiation, and we want our customers to continue to love Stable and to drive positive referrals.

This is a full-time position open to international applicants. You will be expected to overlap with US time zones at least 4 hours a day.

Through this role, you will get to work directly with our customers β€” CEOs, founders, and operations managers of fast-growing companies all around the world. You’ll also work closely with our small Customer Experience (CX) team to communicate customers' needs and be a spokesperson for our customers.

A few of your responsibilities include:

Provide email support β€” Play a pivotal role in managing customer relationships through email correspondence and ticket resolution

Gain a deep understanding of our product β€” You’ll understand the ins and outs of the physical logistics and software components of Stable, and communicate your knowledge to customers via email.

Influence product β€” You’ll work closely with our CX team to communicate and implement customer and operational needs.

Follow playbooks and update our documentation β€” Use and update our CX playbooks to drive best practices for email resolution

πŸ˜€ Who you are


**Driven by impact**: You consistently see the possibility in what could be. The idea that you can make the future better than the present is exciting β€” and you want to be surrounded by others that share this ambition.


**Learn by doing**: You are motivated by results β€” you collect the information you need to understand which problems are most important to solve first. When challenges arise, you believe the best way to solve them is by tackling them head on.


**Form deep relationships**: You can easily put yourself in others’ shoes and enjoy understanding varying perspectives. You’ve found a result of this tendency are relationships you care about deeply.


**Organized and data-driven**: In a CX role, tracking small day-to-day trends can help transform product on a much wider scale. You know that attention to detail and organization is important in ensuring that.\‍

βœ… What You'll Do

* Support our customers through friendly email correspondence

* Use supporting CX documentation to resolve customer issues
* Gain an in-depth understanding of our product and use that to answer unique, nuanced customer questions
* Quantify and track day-to-day issues through our issue tracking tools
* Update our internal documentation when processes change
* Work closely with our CX team to provide customer feedback to improve the customer experience

✨ Requirements

* Strong written and verbal communication skills β€” you can maintain a personable, friendly, and natural tone with all our customers

* Comfortable solving new ambiguous, complex problems that we may not have encountered before β€” we are a fast-moving company and our processes change quickly
* Detailed-oriented with exceptional organizational skills
* Energized by helping others
* Bonus points if you have experience in a customer-facing role at a B2B or SaaS company