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Matterful Partners 12 months ago
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We are seeking an excellent frontend WordPress and/or Shopify developer to join our team developing custom themes from scratch. Please do NOT apply if you primarily use page builders or themes such as Elementor, Divi, or Avada.

Please DO apply if you have experience building custom themes from scratch using clean, organized SCSS (preferably with BEM naming), semantic HTML, modern Javascript, PHP, and a thorough knowledge of WordPress PHP theme functions, hooks, actions, etc.

This is a long-term, ongoing contract opportunity.

To apply, please email [email protected] and provide code samples or a screen recording walking us through some code. What we are looking for in your code sample:

  • Clearly structured and organized SCSS or CSS nested with PostCSS

  • Clean HTML

  • Modern Javascript, preferably ES6

  • Good understanding of PHP including basics like loops, conditionals, etc. used smartly

  • Clear understanding of WordPress functions, hooks, and actions

  • Experience building custom Shopify themes

Please also take the time to write a detailed cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit. Most importantly include CODE SAMPLES.  Independent applicants only. No agencies.

We don’t need advanced PHP or Javascript. An example of how much PHP you should know would be so you could create a custom menu walker with nice efficient code. An example of Javascript would be to create a nice mobile menu or a video player modal without any plugins. Additional skills in these areas are a plus.

We often have really well-designed, interesting sites to program. Hours are flexible as long as the work is quality.

I will set up interviews with the most promising candidates but you will be initially judged on your application message.

Looking forward to hearing from you!