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Streak 10 days ago
remote europesupporttechnical support
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Streak is a CRM built on Gmail. We’re a remote-first team of 35 people across North America. We’re growing, very profitable, and our customers love us. We’re currently in the ‘goldilocks’ zone with product market fit, real revenue, and a flat internal hierarchy. You’ll have ownership over the customer experience and see your/user feedback implemented quickly.

Our support team is currently available to help users 7am-5pm PST. We want to improve the customer experience at Streak by extending the hours we’re available to offer live help to include the EU business day. You will be our first hire in the EU time zone and will be working mostly independently on the full spectrum of customer needs. Customer needs are resolved with a mix of chat, email and screenshare.

You’ll be responsible for the overall customer experience while the US team is (mostly) offline. You’ll also work closely with our Customer Success, Engineering and Product teams. You can expect to help users with best practices, technical troubleshooting, and billing/day to day needs. You can expect to help our internal teams by gathering and synthesizing product feedback, backing up our success team on technical questions, and improving our documentation.

As the first EU hire, our internal (and external) knowledge base will be your first point of reference when you have a question about Streak. You will help us catalogue where our documentation is incomplete or out of date. ‍

What you’ll work on

Some examples of work you’ll be responsible for include:

  • Solve incoming chats and emails
  • Create bugs and feature requests for engineering
  • Improve our internal knowledge base
  • Set up meetings to discuss Best Practices

Your strengths

  • Ready to help yourself → you can work comfortably remotely and with a time zone offset from the majority of the team.
  • A love of service → you find happiness in being on the front lines of helping customers. Repetitive questions are always an opportunity to help another human.
  • A way with words → you know how to break down complicated software questions in writing or via screenshare.
  • Attention to detail → you can capture the specific details to write a great bug report for engineering or create a compelling feature request.
  • Results-oriented → you’re the missing piece so that our team no longer needs to adjust our metrics for business vs non business hours. You’ll be the reason we set more aggressive team goals and meet them.

How we work

When we said Streak is in the goldilocks zone, we meant it. Working at Streak means you’ll have resources to accomplish big goals.

As our only employee consistently available during the majority of your work day, you’ll be both the front line and also point of escalation. Your judgement will be valued in solving user issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

More about Streak

Streak frees small and medium sized business users from switching between their email, where all their work actually gets done, and the tools they are forced to use to manage that work (like Salesforce). We recognize that sales, hiring, partnerships, fundraising all happens in your inbox - so we’re building a meta layer on top of email that lets your team push these processes forward.

Streak is a growing, but more importantly, profitable company. Because of this we have the best of both worlds - nimble enough to have growth opportunities like a startup. But we’re not under the gun to raise a round in 9 months or die, so we can focus on building a foundation and a company that works for the long-term.

Join us

We hope the detail in this doc gave you a good sense of who we are and what we’re working on. Our goal was to make it an efficient use of your time. If you found yourself nodding along while reading, we’d love to hear from you.

The interview process is designed to mimc the expected real world working conditions, including asynchronous sections as well as working on real questions we’ve received in support.

If this sounds like a fit to you, the first step is to hit the Apply button above, fill out a short application, attach a Loom introducing yourself and we’ll be in touch!

As described above and in the Loom, you must be located in a European timezone in order to apply for this position.