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Streak about 1 month ago
fulltimeus / ca / mx / remote (us; ca; mx)web design
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Streak is a CRM built on Gmail. We’re a remote-first team of 35 people across North America. We’re growing and very profitable, and we have customers that love our product. We’re currently in the goldilocks zone of having product market fit with real revenue but also a really flat hierarchy that gives you ownership over the design direction at Streak while seeing your creative work implemented and making an impact quickly. To continue building an exceptional team at Streak, we offer competitive salaries and some interesting benefits and perks.

Who we're looking to hire

Narrated overview:

We’re looking to hire a creative, experienced designer who brings fresh ideas to our branding and marketing materials. The role will own design and communicate value with marketing projects across multiple channels: our marketing site, newsletters, product launch materials, app store listings, paid and organic digital content, deck design, sales enablement, reports, etc.

Our interview process gives you the opportunity to show us some hands-on work and get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. It’s highly asynchronous and involves designing something useful. We think this will give you a really good insight into our team and company and of course lets us assess if you’ll thrive here.

Your skills

* High agency and drive → you can independently make progress and manage larger ongoing and smaller daily design projects. You know how and when to draw on outside resources like AI tools or delegate to contractors.

* A pulse on great design → you love design and are endlessly curious about new developments in the design world. You know how to use different design patterns where they make sense and help the user, not just because they’re trendy.
* A way with words → you know how to craft copy that works with your visual design to convey important ideas and values on our website and in other projects.
* Develop smart information architecture → you can design a great user experience with smart information architecture and hierarchy. You know that great design improves user experience and can put yourself in the shoes of a user visiting our site or consuming our content.
* Results-oriented → you’re focused equally on creating outstanding visual design and on helping Streak reach our business goals. You have a firm grasp on how great design and user experience helps convert leads to paying customers, and can implement our visual design to support these business efforts.
* Own the process end to end → You have experience taking projects from conceptual phases through the design process and executing on final implementation. You’ll create high fidelity designs in Figma and ensure that they’re successfully implemented on our website and in other assets.
* Have top notch async/written skills → remote collaboration is especially important to us so you should have excellent written and live collaboration skills. You’ll excel here if you default to async first communication. We are often writing design docs, summarizing viewpoints before meetings, and recording Loom videos to walk each other through processes or explain a complicated concept.

What you’ll work on

This role will work on projects across various platforms to create a consistent and compelling visual brand for Streak.

You’ll own projects from start to finish and be responsible for implementing and maintaining high-quality design across our website, newsletters, launch content, and anywhere else customers and leads interface with Streak. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to become an expert in each medium and create a consistent brand identity across each of them.

Being a designer at Streak gives you the opportunity to communicate a horizontal product that is used across countless industries and user types. Designing for such a versatile product means you'll be tackling a multitude of design challenges, from understanding erse user personas to crafting copy that resonates universally. You're not just designing for one niche; you're designing for everyone from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies. This breadth and depth provides endless opportunities for creativity and impact in our marketing efforts.

Some examples of work you’ll be responsible for include:

* Develop and protect our visual brand → gain a deep understanding of our customers and brand to guide a refresh of our visual style. You’ll ensure this is implemented and consistent across projects and teams at Streak. You’re proactive about how and where we should be improving our visual brand presence, not limited to the below projects.

* Streak website → our website is often the first impression a user has of our brand and the primary way they learn about our product. It should not only have great visual design, but also efficient and coherent information architecture. You’ll evaluate and improve our site page hierarchy and design layouts and graphics for new pages that highlight the value of Streak.
* Product launch content → we ship new features regularly, and the first time we introduce customers and leads to a new feature is a valuable opportunity. You’ll design visual assets and help create messaging for email newsletters, blog posts, new marketing pages, Product Hunt listings, Twitter and Linkedin assets, and more.
* Streak newsletters → we regularly stay in touch with our customers and email subscribers via newsletters. You’ll create designs and templates that reflect our visual brand and clearly convey information.
* Blog imagery→ our blog puts Streak in front of new audiences by sharing valuable and engaging information. You’ll own the illustrations and graphics in our blog by either creating designs yourself, or effectively using AI tools or managing outside contractors.

Who you'll work with

The Designer, Web and Marketing role reports to our Head of Content. You’ll work and collaborate closely with our CEO and various team leads to understand design needs and get feedback and support throughout the design process.

How we work

When we said Streak is in the goldilocks zone, we meant it. We’re at the perfect stage for a driven and skilled designer to build their in-house experience and gain more responsibility.

Working at Streak means you’ll have resources to accomplish big goals and gain meaningful experience. At the same time, you’ll have autonomy to drive design strategy and determine how you can make the biggest impact without dealing with convoluted politics or distraction.

As our first in-house design hire, you’ll play a fundamental role in developing our brand and will make your own decisions on how to best manage design projects.

A typical model that we like to follow on our Content and Marketing teams is to pitch an idea and test it fast. If it works, you decide how to scale it - which may mean developing an efficient process for yourself or bringing on contractors or outside freelance talent to delegate work. This empowers you to move fast in testing ideas and expand your impact on projects.

More about Streak

Streak frees small and medium sized business users from switching between their email, where all their work actually gets done, and the tools they are forced to use to manage that work (like Salesforce). We recognize that sales, hiring, partnerships, fundraising all happens in your inbox - so we’re building a meta layer on top of email that lets your team push these processes forward.

Streak is a growing, but more importantly, profitable company. Because of this we have the best of both worlds - nimble enough to have growth opportunities like a startup. But we're not under the gun to raise a round in 9 months or die, so we can focus on building a foundation and a company that works for the long-term.

Join us

We hope the detail in this job description gave you a good sense of who we are and what we’re working on. Our goal was to make it an efficient use of your time. If you found yourself nodding along while reading, we’d love to hear from you.

Our interview process is non-standard but, we believe, more enjoyable and much more effective. The majority of it will be an asynchronous and paid project.

If you’re ready to take the first step, please go here:

To fill out a short application. We’ll ask for:

* your resume

* your design portfolio
* a Loom video introducing yourself and explaining why you’re interested in the role